The Girl and the Ghost Boy, Chapter 1

“Why ? Why did you betray me, Miya ? Dont hate these brats for what they did to you ? To us ?!” Dad screamed at me.

I looked up at him, terrified. He isn’t the father I know. The loving man I looked up to as my hero. I don’t know who he is. I’m scared.

“D…dad please calm down.” I said between sobs.

He raised his hand and I saw it. The bottle in his hand. I watched as he brought it down, at me.

“No !” I screamed.

That’s when I looked around and thought oh shit! I was sleeping in class and had a nightmare. Everyone was staring at me like I’m a weirdo. Which I probably am considering I just screamed in the middle of class.

“I…….. Uh, need to go to the nurse.” I said and ran out.

I ran up the stairs to till I reached the roof and ran out the door. This roof is rumoured to be haunted by a blonde ghost so no one ever comes here. It’s my sanctuary.

“Whew ! That was embarrassing.” I said aloud.

“What was embarrassing ?”

“I was having a nightmare and screamed in the middle of class. Everyone stared at me like a weirdo.” I replied.

Someone or something behind me chuckled. I turned around, and there he was the blonde ghost. For the past few months I hadn’t seen it so I didn’t believe but he really does exist.

“G….Ghost !” I said and moved a step back.

“Ghost ? Nah. Imma free spirit or you can call me Jordan the friendly ghost.” It replied.

I looked at him, blonde hairs, brown eyes and pretty tall. Honestly he didn’t look like a ghost at all.

“Are you really a ghost or just another student looking for sanctuary?” I asked

He chuckled and said, “I wish I were a normal student but I’m not.”

“Well, whatever.” I said and sat far from him on the side of the roof facing the hills.

The sun was nowhere to be seen and the wind made me shiver. This reminded me of the reason I was asleep in class.

Last night Jeremy caught a cold and Anna won’t move from his side because she wanted to take care of her little brother. I had a hard time convincing her or else she would’ve caught a cold too. The whole night I had to stay up with Jeremy.

Thankfully Mrs. Smith agreed to take care of Jeremy and I sent Anna to school or else I would’ve had to stay home today.

Those two are seriously handful. I wonder how much Jeremy must be disturbing Mrs. Smith.

“Woah what’s that look for ? Thought something good ? Care to tell this ghost as you see I don’t get to talk to people often.” Jordan said.

“Seriously?! You’re such a desperate ghost.” I said.

“Oh come on! I’m bored all alone on this roof.” He pleaded.

I turned back and looked at him. He had a pleading look on his face. He made me feel pity for him. All alone on this roof for God knows how long.

“Fine. I’ll tell y-” the school bell rang.

“I’ll tell you some other time. I have to go pick my little sis or she’ll throw a tantrum.” I said and ran downstairs without looking at him.

By the time I got to my class, it was empty, which I was thankful for. I picked my bag and walked to Anna’s school.

“Big sister!” Anna squealed when she saw me.

She’s a cute little 6 year old. With mum’s grey eyes and brown hairs. The twins look so much like my mom that it makes me sad sometimes.

“Did you behave today ?” I asked here.

“Yes, big sister! Anna was a good girl today.” She said and smiled.

“Okay, okay. Let’s get some vegetables for dinner then we’ll go see your brother.” I said.


We walked to the market. Anna’s hand tightly in my grasp. This town is anything but safe. I wouldn’t dare leave her hand in the market.

“Sorry.” I said as I bumped into someone.

I turned and looked back. I think I just saw a blonde headed walk past me. Could it be that Jordan guy ?

“Big sis!” Anna tugged at my hand.

I looked up we had reached the shop. But I couldn’t help but look back. I’m pretty sure I saw Jordan, after all ghosts don’t exist. Or do they ?

The Girl and the Ghost Boy

17-year-old Miya lost her mother when she was 11. She’s been living with her abusive father and her two little twin brother and sister. For the sake of the twins Miya bears her father’s abuse, keeping it all to herself. One day she meets a ghost boy at the roof of her school. Read how he changes her life.

P.S. – Chapter 1 on Tuesday.